Crescent Canna CBD Freeze Roller and Pain Recovery Creme Review


Living With Pain: A lot of us suffer from pain and I know I rely on CBD products when looking to ease muscle tension and achy joints. CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and with lesser side effects than over the counter medication, it’s becoming a popular choice for those of us with chronic pain. If you haven’t tried topical CBD for pain or are looking for some effective products to try, then you must check out a CBD company called Crescent Canna. Crescent Canna is a company based in New Orleans, LA and has a variety of products that are vegan, non-GMO, organic CBD, THC free, pesticide free and USA grown. All products are independently lab tested for purity. The two products I am going to tell you about are the Freeze Roller and the Recovery and Pain Crème. Pain is a daily struggle for me and some days it’s hard to function with the level of pain I have. I have pain from my neck to my feet. As a result, I suffer daily. I am always looking for an effective product to help me with my pain so I can live my life! REVIEW: The CBD Freeze Roller is the product I tried first and I am simply in love with it. It’s just plain effective! It knocks out pain and tension in my neck and shoulders with cooling menthol and tea tree. It also contains arnica which is a great natural pain reliever and aloe to soothe skin. This stuff works nearly instantly, and I really feel it for hours. It feels cool on application and with the large roller, there’s a mess free application. I think this is perfect for traveling or even bringing with you to the gym or work. I love products that are convenient to use and effective on my pain and this is definitely one of them. It goes on without a greasy or oily feel, no residue and didn’t stain my clothing. I did need to let it dry a couple minutes after application because of the wet feel, but it didn’t feel sticky after it dried at all. It smells very similar to other cooling muscle products with a menthol/tea tree scent, but that scent didn’t linger all day or smell off-putting to me at all. The Freeze Roller is 1000mg per 3oz roller at $59.95. I think this is a great deal for such an effective product. You really can’t put a price on natural pain relief. When you live with pain day in and day out, it affects your ability to function. Furthermore, your ability to enjoy your life and do daily activities. The other product is a CBD Recovery and Pain Crème. I do love topical products quite a bit and use them every day. One gripe I have on topical products is the feel of them. I hate a greasy feeling product or a product that doesn’t feel like it really soaks in. This is not one of those products. This crème goes on super soft and the texture is almost whipped and velvety. A little goes a long way and it really works well. I use this on my knees and the top of my feet when I was dealing with pain and neuropathy (pins and needles feeling) and it helped a lot. It doesn’t feel greasy or oily and it absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving my skin feeling silky soft. INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this are fantastic, too which essential oils such a spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon and black pepper, all known for pain reliving properties. With arnica for pain relief, coconut oil and aloe for skin soothing properties, this crème is where it’s at. The top note on this scent is definitely spearmint and peppermint and it smells divine. In addition, it doesn’t feel sticky and leaves no residue afterward. It works for pain and tension in the muscles and worked to relieve my knee pain, too. PRICE: This crème is available in a 500mg, 2oz jar for $39.99 and a 1000mg, 4oz jar for $64.99. I would absolutely use these products again and again. They just simply do what they say they will, and the ingredients are well thought out for effectiveness. As far as the company goes, they are great too. Customer service is awesome. They have 30 day, satisfaction guaranteed return policy, free domestic shipping on $99 and $5 flat rate shipping on all other orders! The Score: Crescent Canna has proven to be a great company and I give these products a 5 leaf score Testing found here on all products. Non-greasy texture of products Effective for pain and muscle tension. Each product has a code you can get the test results from and you can retrieve lab results on the website. USA grown hemp used in the products. Organic CBD, non-GMO, vegan products, THC Free. Good return policy: Satisfaction guaranteed. Free domestic shipping over $99. Great ingredients. Affordable prices for effectiveness and strength of products.   Stay tuned because I’ll be reviewing their CBD drops and their vape cartridges in the coming weeks. Also, save 10% by using code HONEYBEE10 right now!          

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